Who won Prix Lausanne 2020?

Who won Prix Lausanne 2020?

João Vitor Santana
Prize Winners

Year Name Nationality
Year Name Nationality
2020 João Vitor Santana Brazil
2020 Lin Zhang China
2020 Chaeyeon Kang South Korea

Where is Prix de Lausanne?

The Prix de Lausanne is an international dance competition held annually in Lausanne, Switzerland. The competition is for young dancers seeking to pursue a professional career in classical ballet, and many former prize winners of the competition are now leading stars with major ballet companies around the world.

How to get into the Prix de Lausanne?

Young dancers from around the world send a video to Lausanne. The Artistic Committee selects a maximum of 75 candidates to take part in the competition. During the week in Lausanne, candidates are judged both during a dance class and individually on stage.

Where does Ava Arbuckle train?

Elite Classical Coaching
Ava Arbuckle trains at Elite Classical Coaching in Frisco, Texas, directed by Catherine Livengood Lewellen. She not only won a scholarship to the Prix de Lausanne partner school of her choice, but she also received the Best Young Talent prize.

Is Sammy from Dance Academy died in real life?

In the emotional last three episodes of season 2, on his way to the Prix de Fonteyn (Competition), Miss Raine gets the call that Samuel Lieberman was hit by a car while walking to the Prix de Fonteyn….

Sammy Lieberman
Reason hit by a car, died on the way to the hospital
Portrayed By Tom Green

How old is Ava Dance Moms?

DC Fandome – The Loop

g Ava Cota
Born: April 10, 2002
Age: 19
Home: Fenton, Michigan
Occupation: Dancer Singer Model Actress Student

Where is Ava Arbuckle from?

Ava Arbuckle is a dancer on the rise. At just 15, the Texas native has taken home top medals at Youth America Grand Prix and the ADC|IBC, and won the Grishko model search.

How do you qualify for YAGP finals?

PLEASE NOTE: in order to qualify for Finals, each Junior and Senior participant must perform at least one Classical variation from the repertoire list, provided by YAGP. Once invited to the Finals, all Junior and Senior participants must perform one Classical variation and one Contemporary solo.

What country is Dance Academy from?


Dance Academy
Country of origin Australia Germany
Original language English
No. of series 3
No. of episodes 65 (list of episodes)