Why did V 2009 get Cancelled?

Why did V 2009 get Cancelled?

Then, the show was canceled without any resolution. What it comes down to is that V was not getting high enough ratings to justify the cost to make it, and this was an expensive show to make. At the time, it was one of the biggest visual effects shows on television.

In what order should I watch V?

V (TV series)

  1. V (1983 miniseries), the original 1983 two-part television miniseries.
  2. V: The Final Battle, a 1984 three-part sequel miniseries.
  3. V (1984 TV series), a 1984–1985 TV series.
  4. V (2009 TV series), a 2009 reimagining of the 1983 TV miniseries.

How many seasons did V last?

V (2009 TV series)

No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 22 (list of episodes)
Executive producers Scott Rosenbaum Scott Peters Jace Hall Yves Simoneau Steve Pearlman

How many episodes of V were there?

V/Number of episodes

Is there a season 3 of V 2009?

ABC confirmed today that V has been cancelled after two seasons and 22 episodes. The series finale aired on March 15th and, unfortunately, there were lots of unresolved cliffhangers. Hopefully the producers will someday share what they had in mind for season three.

How did the V series end?

The Leader arrives, Diana and James are captured, and Elizabeth boards the Leader’s shuttle to return to the Visitor home world to guarantee peace. The episode and the series ends on a cliffhanger with Kyle stowing away on the shuttle Elizabeth is traveling in, which also has a “going-away present” from Diana aboard.

What comes after V The Mini Series?

V (or V: The Original Miniseries) is a two-part American science-fiction television miniseries, written and directed by Kenneth Johnson….V (1983 miniseries)

Followed by V: The Final Battle V: The Second Generation (novel)

Will there be a season 3 of V?

Sadly, the Visitors aren’t among us any longer. After two short seasons, ABC has cancelled their V TV series.

Is there a season 3 of V?

How did TV series V end?

How many series of V are there?

V/Number of seasons

How many series of V 2009 are there?

When did season 1 of V come out?

Season 1 (2009–10) The first season of the re-imagining of V consisted of 12 episodes and premiered at 8:00 pm ET on ABC on November 3, 2009. Four episodes were aired in November 2009 and the series then went on hiatus before returning on March 30, 2010 when it aired in a new time slot, 10:00 pm ET.

How many seasons is the TV series V?

For other versions, see V (franchise). V is an American science fiction television series that ran for two seasons on ABC, from November 3, 2009, to March 15, 2011.

Who are the actors in the TV series V?

V (2009 TV series) A remake of the 1983 miniseries created by Kenneth Johnson, the new series chronicles the arrival on Earth of a technologically-advanced alien species which ostensibly comes in peace, but actually has sinister motives. V stars Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin, and is executive produced by Scott Rosenbaum, Yves Simoneau,…

Who are the producers of the TV series V?

Singer also played a leading role in the original 1980s series. The series was announced in May 2009, to be executive produced by Scott Peters, Jace Hall, Steve Pearlman, and Jeffrey Bell. Filming of the post- pilot episodes began on August 10, 2009.