Why did William Wordsworth call Lucy Gray the solitary child illustrate?

Why did William Wordsworth call Lucy Gray the solitary child illustrate?

As a solitary child’ she had no mate or someone to talk, ply or share. Wordsworth has represented Lucy as a child of nature. We can notice in the poem Lucy perhaps, often used to help her parents in small house works because when her mother goes out of the town, her father sends her to fetch her mother.

What do you think the poem Lucy Gray is all about?

“Lucy Gray” is a poem written by William Wordsworth in 1799 and published in his Lyrical Ballads. It describes the death of a young girl named Lucy Gray, who went out one evening into a storm.

Why was Lucy a solitary child?

The solitary child. Ans. Lucy has been described as a lonely child because she lived on a wild moor. She had no companion to play with.

Who was Lucy Gray Wordsworth?

Do you think Lucy Gray is a romantic poem give reasons?

Romantic elements in “Lucy Gray” include focusing on the common person, exalting the natural world, telling a folkloric story, and infusing emotion into the verses. Stylistically, the poem exemplifies the simple, everyday language Romantic poets sought to use.

What are the themes inspiration and mood in Lucy by William Wordsworth?

Themes, Mood and Inspiration: The poems are about a muse: love, or object of affection, inspiration – loved from afar and the poet’s/speaker dealing with the death of that person (Lucy). Compounding that grief is that Lucy was the inspiration for the poet’s creativity. So, the mood is elegiac, melancholy.

Is the poem Lucy Gray by William Wordsworth true?

The poem Lucy Gray was written by William Wordsworth based upon a real account of death of a little girl narrated to him by his sister Dorothy. In the poem the poet portraits imagery of a little solitary girl who lived in a house in valley with her father and mother.

Who is the main character in Lucy Gray?

Lucy Gray is a poem by William Wordsworth. William Wordsworth was a famous nature poet. He was born in 1770. He was made the poet laureate in 1843. His important works are Upon Westminster Bridge and The Recluse. He died in 1850. A little girl is the heroine of the poem “Lucy Gray”. Her name is Lucy Gray. She is very charming.

What was the theme of Lucy Gray’s poem?

Bennett Weaver points out that “The dominant theme of the poems of 1799 is death: death for the children of the village school, for Matthew’s daughter, and for Lucy Gray”, and Mary Moorman believes that Lucy Gray is the “most haunting of all his ballads of childhood”.

Why did William Wordsworth write the book Lucy?

Wordsworth revered nature and by showing Lucy as a child of nature, almost one with nature, he elevated her. By focusing attention on an obscure person, Wordsworth showed that ordinary people had dignity and were worth thinking about.