Why do lifeguards use hand signals?

Why do lifeguards use hand signals?

Hand signals were developed by lifeguard organisations to enable effective communication between lifeguards where other communication devices were not available, most particularly when a lifeguard is performing a rescue without a radio communication device.

Why do lifeguards wave their arms?

Our lifeguards are required to walk back and forth every 10 seconds to check the safety and perimeter of the pool. The hand motions are to show that they are looking at the water to ensure our guests safety.

What are the lifeguard flag signals?

Flag Chart

Color Meaning
Red over Yellow Recommended swimming area with lifeguard supervision
Black and White (Quartered) Watercraft area
Yellow flag with Black Watercraft use prohibited (e.g. no surfboards)
Orange windsock Offshore winds present, inflatables should not be used

What do different lifeguard whistles mean?

Whistle Signals Two Short Whistle Blasts “Guard Alert /Minor Emergency” is used to initiate staff attention, and for all situations when a lifeguard responds to a situation. One Long Whistle Blast “Clear the Pool / Major Emergency” is used to remove all patrons from the deck area for major emergencies and pool fouling.

Why do lifeguards whistle and point?

This one is for getting the attention of another lifeguard. You’ll hear this one before the break whistle to get all the lifeguards ready to do the oscillating whistle. This one means a lifeguard is performing a rescue. The lifeguard will blow this whistle as they dive out of their chair until they hit the water.

What does a raised fist mean in lifeguarding?

Raised clenched fist. You need help or are in need of assitance. Thumbs up. Indicates safe to resume.

Why do lifeguards bob their heads up and down?

Head bobbing, or the official name, 10/20 scanning, represents the time a lifeguard has to scan their zone in the pool, and then if need be, respond and make a save. This standard is paramount to NRH2O lifeguards and helps us maintain the company-wide goal of ZERO drownings.

Why do lifeguards wave orange flags?

First, to address the flags, colored flags are used to indicate ocean conditions for swimmers. On Tuesday lifeguards raised a green flag, indicating a low rip threat. Sometimes rough surf means no swimming at all. On top of that lifeguards also use orange flags at their chairs to direct swimmers.

What does it mean when a lifeguard waves and orange flag?

Current Condition Flags One or two red flags or a black flag means “high surf and no swimming,” while green means “calm waters.” Yellow signs report light surf or currents and advise caution. Orange flags may be triangular, in which case they indicate dangerous environmental air or water quality.

What kind of whistle do lifeguards use?

Lifeguard whistles can be categorized into two main types: pea whistles or peal.

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Walk forward and get your
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Why do lifeguards whistle?

It means someone has a spinal injury. Wagers calls this “big ringing bells for the lifeguards.” You’ll likely hear the oscillating whistle from other lifeguards shortly after, telling everyone to get out of the pool, so the lifeguards can focus on rescuing the injured person.

What does a red over yellow lifeguard flag mean?

A red over yellow lifeguard flag. Unlike the other flags, the red over yellow flag does not mean something is inherently dangerous. In fact, this flag represents something to enhance your safety at the beach. A red over yellow flag signifies a recommended swimming area that has lifeguard supervision.

When to call for help from a lifeguard?

If you’re not confident in your ability to swim, raise your hand and call for help from the lifeguard, or nearby beachgoers if it is not a lifeguarded beach. To avoid your chances of being in a rip current, always observe lifeguard flags, warning signs, and listen to instructions from local lifeguards.

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