How can I get a discount on my EpiPen?

How can I get a discount on my EpiPen?

Use a Prescription Discount Card To receive a discounted price on your EpiPen, simply show your Rx savings card or mobile app when picking up your medication at a participating pharmacy.

How do I use my EpiPen savings card?

EpiPen Savings Card Just present your card at the pharmacy each time you drop off or refill your prescription. The EpiPen Savings Card is reusable for up to six EpiPen 2-Pak® and/or EpiPen Jr 2-Pak® cartons so you can have EpiPen® Auto-Injectors available in different locations.

How much does an EpiPen cost at Walgreens?

A single pack of generic EpiPens (epinephrine) at the same Walgreens will cost $376 before tax (and almost $400 after). EpiPen Jr., a version of the pen to be used for patients under 66 lbs, is nearly the same price: One brand-name pack would be $735 before tax, and generic would be $375.

What is the alternative to EpiPen?

Now there are a variety of EpiPen alternatives available on the market: Adrenaclick. Auvi-Q. Symjepi.

How long can you use an EpiPen after it expires?

Injectable epinephrine kits come in various brands, including EpiPen, Twinject, and Avi-Q. All of these devices have a relatively short shelf life due to the instability of epinephrine: approximately one year from the date of manufacture.

What happens when you take an EpiPen without needing it?

An accidental injection to the hands or feet can impair blood flow to these areas and can potentially cause tissue death. This however, is the worst-case scenario. Symptoms of an accidental injection are not usually so severe and may include: temporary numbness or tingling.

Can I get an EpiPen from Walgreens?

Walgreens is coming to the aid of people with serious allergies who have been stuck by the shortage of EpiPens. Walgreens is coming to the aid of people with serious allergies who have been stuck by the shortage of EpiPens.

Does Walgreens carry EpiPens?

& RICHMOND, Va., July 11, 2019 – Walgreens and kaléo, a privately-held pharmaceutical company, today announced AUVI-q® (epinephrine injection, USP) 0.1 mg auto-injector is available at Walgreens locations nationwide.

What can I use if I don’t have an EpiPen?

Q: What do you do if someone goes into anaphylactic shock without an EpiPen? A: Make sure that you’ve called 911. If antihistamines are on-hand, these can be administered and may provide some relief, but antihistamines are never a suitable medication for fully treating anaphylactic shock.

How do you treat anaphylaxis shock without epinephrine?

“If you have an anaphylactic reaction, but don’t have epinephrine, you have a difficult problem. If you have them, you can try to take antihistamines. But the gold standard for anaphylaxis is injectable Epinephrin,” said Schimelpfenig.

Do EpiPens go bad?

Typically, the expiration dates for most drugs are set at two or three years from the time of manufacture. EpiPens have an even shorter shelf life—about 18 months.

Can you exchange an expired EpiPen?

Patients can come in for an epinephrine refill after they’ve used the dose, or after it’s expired. “It’s just a no-brainer to do this,” she said. Experts say there’s no easy way to calculate what is spent annually on EpiPens that are thrown away because they are past their expiration date.

Can you get a cheaper EpiPen?

Yes , cheaper options are now available after much controversy about the high price of this life-saving drug. In fact, the first generic version of EpiPen and EpiPen Jr (epinephrine) auto-injector, from Teva Pharmaceuticals, was approved in August 2018.

How much does an EpiPen cost without insurance?

The cost of the EpiPen and EpiPen Jr. depends on the pharmacy and if you have insurance. Plan on spending at least $600 to $700 without insurance for two auto injectors. However, as we stated in our saving money section below, there are ways to bring the costs down, even without insurance.

What is the cost price of an epi-pen?

The price of brand name EpiPen is often out of reach for many patients. However, Mylan now offers the authorized generic for Epipen for roughly $150 to $350 for a two-pack, depending upon the pharmacy and if you use an online coupon.