How do I organize my bass pedal board?

How do I organize my bass pedal board?

Conventional wisdom suggests that the ideal pedal order is wah/filter, compression, overdrive, modulation and pitch-based effects, delay, and reverb.

What order should my pedal board be?

Here are some common effect placement suggestions for pedalboard setups in general. Dynamics (compressors), filters (wah), pitch shifters, and Volume pedals typically go at the beginning of the signal chain. Gain based effects such as and overdrive/distortion pedals come next.

Where should bass EQ pedal go in chain?

EQ or equalizer is recommended in front of distortion or gain based effects if you want to drive and color the sound. EQ after distortion will give you volume changes which allow you to switch to a louder lead sound which you cannot do if the EQ is before distortion.

What comes first overdrive or distortion?

It’s mostly agreed that fuzz pedals should go early on in the pedal chain. If you’re looking for more of a distorted gain style, then put it after the overdrive. But if you want a subtler sound, then put your overdrive last and don’t have your distortion pedal cranked up too much.

Where does EQ pedal go in effects chain?

How to set up a pedal board for bassists?

How to Set up a Pedal Board for Bassists 1 “Clean Signal”, “Effect Chain” and Other Terms Worth Knowing: Clean Signal: the unaffected sound. Take your bass, plug it into an amp and turn it on. 2 Let’s Explore Pedal Chain Order. 3 All Effect Pedals Fall in 2 Groups (Usually) Reshapers affect how the signal is actually being processed.

What do you need to know about effect pedals?

When doing research in your quest to understand effect pedals and how they work, here are some key terms worth bearing in mind: Clean Signal: the unaffected sound. Take your bass, plug it into an amp and turn it on. There’s your clean signal.

How does a bass work with an amp?

Nothing is between your bass and amp and what you’re hearing is the sound your bass makes as it is (plus or minus some EQing from the bass’ controls and the dashboard of the amp) Signal Path: the path that your bass sound must travel before it comes through the amp and makes a sound.

Where do EQ pedals go in the chain?

EQ > : EQ pedals, like tuners, can go anywhere in the effect chain but it’s important to remember that were you place them is going to affect the signal up to and after that location. Having an EQ early in the chain will affect all sounds and effects after the pedal. Having it towards the end of the chain will affect the final output of the signal.