What is a yearbook spread?

What is a yearbook spread?

Spread: Two facing pages in a yearbook. For example, pages two and three are spreads and are both visible when the book is open. Template: A predesigned layout provided by Lifetouch that makes it easy to organize yearbook pages.

What is the definition of the Academics section in the yearbook?

ACADEMICS | A section that covers curriculum-related experiences in the classroom and out.

What are coverage ideas in a yearbook?


  • Throwback features or how far you’ve come.
  • Favorite shows to binge-watch.
  • Favorite new streaming service. (Ex. The Peacock from NBC)
  • Tik-tok adventures.
  • Favorite YouTube channels or streamers/influencers.
  • Jobs and essential work.

How do you write yearbook spreads?

#5: Design Your Yearbook Copy

  1. Keep sentences and paragraphs short.
  2. Cut out unnecessary words.
  3. Add subheads to divide stories into sections.
  4. Break up text with call-out quotations or facts.
  5. Use bullet points to list short moments or stories.
  6. Keep fonts simple – select one font style for headlines and one for body copy.

What are the three elements of a spread?

How Infections Spread

  • Source: Places where infectious agents (germs) live (e.g., sinks, surfaces, human skin)
  • Susceptible Person with a way for germs to enter the body.
  • Transmission: a way germs are moved to the susceptible persont.

What is the most important element of a yearbook spread?

Photos are usually the strongest visual element in your yearbook. When designing your spreads, select the best photo, both in terms of its story-telling power and technical quality. The best image should become the dominant photo and should be at least two and a half times larger than any other photos on the spread.

What are three sections in the yearbook?

Listing of the pages containing the opening, sections, index and closing. The story. Every spread should contain a story, also called a copy block.

What is a student life?

Meaning of Student Life Student life is the daily life of a student, typically involving social activities within the educational campus, or the time spent with school-mates and teachers.

How do we divide the yearbook spread for consistency?

The spread is divided equally into these for consistency: 4 per page, 8 per spread. Clarifies what is happening in the dominant photo.

What is a double page spread in yearbook?

A double-page spread is made of two pages, one left (even page number) and one right (odd page number). The gutter is where the two pages join together. Always design as double-page spreads.

What are the best yearbook themes?

15 Great Yearbook Theme Ideas You’ll Want to Steal Superheroes are Always a Good Idea. This style capitalizes on the current trend of comic books being made into blockbuster movies. Quotes Galore. Whether you get quotes from the student body or just create inspirational messages for the students as a yearbook team, this theme is very popular right now. Emojis Everywhere. A Love of Literature. Gamify It.

How to develop your school yearbook theme?

How To Develop Your School Yearbook Theme Consider the yearbook theme as the attitude or personality of the year for your school It is a perfect medium to tell a story that will be remembered by all in a positive or spirit-related format Your school yearbook should record the events of the year and celebrate the milestones of the year under the unified story format of your the theme.

What is a yearbook story?

The yearbook is the story of what happened that year. Each spread tells a story. Each component of the spread (headlines, captions, copy, photos, graphic elements) all work together as a story package.