Which plants give us cereals?

Which plants give us cereals?

The seven principal cereals grown in the world are wheat, maize, rice, barley, oats, rye and sorghum.

What types of crops are found in the cereals group of plants?

There are a number of different types of grains found within the true cereal grains which are from the botanical family ‘Poaceae’ including wheat, oats, rice, corn (maize), barley, sorghum, rye, and millet.

What is cereal fodder?

CEREAL FODDER Cereals, grains or cereal grains, are grasses belonging to the members of the monocot families Poaceae or Gramineae. These are cultivated for the edible components of their fruit seeds having the endocarp, germ and bran.

What part of millet plant is used?

The seed spikes of ornamental millet plants may be left on the plant to provide food for birds as they ripen or may be cut and used in dramatic floral arrangements.

What are cereals give examples?

Examples of Cereals

  • Wheat.
  • Maize.
  • Rice.
  • Barley.
  • Oats.
  • Rye.
  • Sorghum.

What are the six cereals?

The term “grain” is given either to this type of fruit or to the plant that produces it. There are six true cereals in the world today, which are Wheat, Rye, Rice, Oats and maize. Of these wheat, maize and rice are the most important, and each has played roles in the development of civilizations.

What are the 10 types of cereals?

Here’s a list of the different types of cereals and their health benefits.

  • Wheat. Wheat is the most widely grown cereal crop on the planet.
  • Oats.
  • Barley.
  • Rye.
  • Sorghum.
  • Corn.
  • Quinoa.
  • Buckwheat.

What are the 5 cereals?

The cereals most commonly cultivated are wheat, rice, rye, oats, barley, corn (maize), and sorghum. As human food, cereals are usually marketed in their raw grain form (some are frozen or canned) or as ingredients of various food products.

What is fodder in agriculture?

fodder in Agriculture topic From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfod‧der /ˈfɒdə $ ˈfɑːdər/ noun [uncountable] 1 food for farm animals2 something or someone that is useful only for a particular purpose – used to show disapprovalfodder for The murders made prime fodder for newspapers.

What are fodder legumes?

Forage legumes are mostly used as cut fodder or grazed pasture. Fodder may be fed directly to livestock or used after preservation as fermented green matter (silage and haylage) or dried for products like hay, pellets or cube concentrates. Pastures may be grazed directly or cut and used in feed rations for livestock.

How is millet used?

Millet can be used to make bread, beer, cereal, and other dishes. Even today, millet is a staple food around the world. You can find millet in pearl, finger, proso, and sorghum varieties throughout the U.S. While these types of millet may look slightly different, they all provide similar health benefits.

How is millet processed?

Millet grains, before consumption and for preparing of food, are usually processed by commonly used traditional processing techniques include decorticating, malting, fermentation, roasting, flaking, and grinding to improve their edible, nutritional, and sensory properties.